Nickname: Jerry

Age: 26

Home City: Toronto

Into the Pines


Dream Camera: Leica m7

References: Tim Walker, Sally Mann, Virgin Suicides, Picnic at Hanging Rock

Why film: I choose to shoot film because it is the most intimate form of photography. The photographer is controlling every moment of that photo from how it is exposed in the camera to how long it is exposed to the chemicals, and or process it goes through. I have always been fascinated with films unpredictability, you’re never sure of the outcome. Though once you develop those negatives, and you start seeing your vision come to life they’re always better than what you hoped for. Especially if the colours are wonky, or you have a million and one light leaks. The photo will always be a piece of you because it took a piece of you to create it from nothing to something.

New projects: I have two very exciting shoots that I am going to be working on as of shortly. The first shoot is going to be of a very similar style to two of my past previous works entitled “The Beaumont Sisters“, and “The Anderson Sisters”. The second project being two more additional conceptual photographs that I am going to be shooting in collaboration with Juli Santini and Annya Karina which will be a part of my on-going gallery series known as “The Day Dreamer”. Though the second project will consist of works shot in a digital format rather than my typical works that consist of 35mm to medium format analog film.

The Anderson Sisters

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

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